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Located next to the Two Oceans Aquarium, this beautiful space is home to more than 150 tenants who represent over 365 brands.

A vast selection of products can be found here, including: Design & Craft, Home & Decor, Fashion & Accessories, Jewellery. On Museum Night the Watershed comes alive with DJ's, musicians and performance – stay tuned for more information about the full programme!


Supporting Programme

The following performances have been scheduled for Museum Night. Please check the programmes on the night.

Our Workshop – Maker Stations


Upcycle, Play, Make Things and Collaborate with Our Workshop

Our Workshop focuses on using post-consumer waste + simple craft and making techniques as a medium for personal and interpersonal growth. We have a space (which is open to anyone and everyone to use for free), very basic tools and equipment and a broad collection of ‘rubbish’. With these basics we run workshops for the public, to encourage people to join us and find out about our principles and methods.


18:00 – 19:00
Atang (AT8)
Vinyl Set

Side A Atang is a multidisciplinary artist and on Side B he is a selector playing African and other music from the diaspora under the moniker AT8.

From age eight to fifteen he played piano and keyboard, from fourteen to seventeen, he played the clarinet. Besides that he has a collection of instruments including a turntable, mini Korg Beat Machine and a theramin just for fun.

Atang was one of the co-founders of Future Nostalgia and has participated in the Pan African Space Station sessions.



19:00 – 20:00
El Corazon
(Future Nostalgia)
Vinyl Set

El Corazon (Atiyyah Khan) is a selector, crate-digger, event organiser and archivist from
Johannesburg based in Cape Town, who spins records as a way to communicate through sound.

Her sets explore music beyond boundaries and form transcontinental connections linking the
global south to the rest of the world in order to evoke curiosity in the possibility of sound.


20:00 – 21:00
(Future Nostalgia)
Vinyl Set

Selector, collector, artist and activist, the Cape Town born Futurist consistently blends up soulful mixes by cross-referencing genres, eras and grooves.

Expect a layered selection of both the unknown and the familiar, always packing a solid dose of funk, beats and rare samples.