William Kentridge: The Refusal of Time

Famous scientific theories are brought to life in the collaborative exhibition The Refusal of Time. William Kentridge’s recent installations integrate moving image, sound, theatre and sculptural elements to explore themes of science, globalisation, colonialism and memory. It started as a series of conversations between William Kentridge and Peter Galison, looking at different theories of time from Isaac Newton through to Albert Einstein and black holes; in each case, finding the metaphor for the science rather than trying to illustrate it. It consists of five video projections, a multi-dimensional soundscape created by Philip Miller, four megaphones and a large breathing machine.

A collaboration with Philip Miller, Catherine Meyburgh, Dada Masilo and Peter Galison.

Time and Again: A retrospective exhibition by Penny Siopis

Time and Again is a retrospective look at three and a half decades of this well-known and loved contemporary South African artist. Many of her iconic works have become part of the country’s cultural heritage and are recognized, studied and admired by both school children and academics Penny. The exhibition draws on the recurring themes of history, personal and collective memory and trauma. Although Siopis’ artwork is clearly grounded in the present, both past and future are deeply implicated in its content and physical appearance. The processes of change, decay and ageing, (all traces of the passage of time), are integral to her approach and highlight Siopis’ skillful ability to make time tangible through her manipulation of process, chance and materiality.


Exhibition walkabout with curator Ernestine White. 6pm. Meet in Room 1.

Shared Sky

Shared Sky brings together Australian and South African artists in a collaborative exhibition celebrating humanity’s ancient cultural wisdom, alongside one of the world’s greatest scientific and engineering endeavours, the Square Kilometer Array radio telescope project.


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Government Avenue, Company's Gardens

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