About this institution


Originally founded in Johannesburg in 1913, Everard Read is South Africa's oldest commercial gallery.

Everard Read in Cape Town opened its doors in the V&A Waterfront in September 1996, with their London Everard Read Gallery launching at the start of 2016. CIRCA Cape Town was unveiled in November 2016. Both Everard Read Gallery and CIRCA Gallery will be open until 8:00 pm.

What’s on show


Everard Read CT presents a group exhibition of paintings and sculpture by a selection of artists, including

Sanell Aggenbach, Philip Barlow, Deborah Bell, Nic Bladen, Arabella Caccia, Hanien Conradie, Ferdi B. Dick, Ricky Dyaloyi, Liza Grobler, Swain Hoogervorst, Turiya Magadlela, Io Makandal, Lucinda Mudge, Brett Murray, Velaphi Mzimba, Daniel Naudé, Tracy Payne, Caryn Scrimgeour, Brett Charles Seiler, Skubalisto, Lionel Smit, Angus Taylor, Andrzej Urbanski, Shany van den Berg, Elize Vossgatter & Barbara Wildenboer

Madre Pieta  by Sanell Aggenbach

Madre Pieta by Sanell Aggenbach

Catlin at 71 – Gail Caitlin

Gail Catlin is known for having pioneered a new and exciting way of producing images, using liquid crystal to create "living" paintings. Though she initially developed it in collaboration with Dr Cyril Hilsum (one of the co-inventors of the hologram), Catlin pushed the boundaries of her medium in such a way that she was able to anticipate the liquid crystals’ responses to light, to temperature and to each other. A magical relationship developed between the artist and her medium, lying midway between predictable science and fickle art.

Desert Wild Dog  by Gail Caitlin

Desert Wild Dog by Gail Caitlin